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Client Selection

International Health Management, LLC is committed to client success. We are excited by our capacity to play key roles in challenging projects around the globe, and seek clients who philosophically and financially share that commitment.

Consistent with this, we are selective in choosing clients with whom we work. Our reputation and yours are exceedingly important to us. When we are confident that our client has the ability to participate in measuring the opportunities, considering the risks and making the necessary judgments with us, we are always confident that we will succeed.

Fees and Related

International Health Management, LLC has worked with private investor groups, international banks and funding agencies, governments, facilities and institutions.

It is rare that we travel anywhere in the world without having our expenses covered by the potential client even when we are in the initial stages of discussing a possible management and consulting engagement. Most frequently, such visits will also require a nominal fee. It is our belief that our experience, professional objectivity and network of colleagues and firms constitute our products and intellectual property.

International Health Management, LLC works on a flat fee, per diem and retainer basis. At times we will accept equity as partial payment and we might offer part of our fee as a guarantee. We generally require a retainer to assure the legitimate interests of our clients, their desire to engage a quality company that will fully commit to the client and to substantiate that the client has financial resources available. Our fees are quite competitive and commensurate with the experience and ability of our people and our success in the market.

Because the international market is extremely complex and, while we are able to "qualify" many of our potential clients anywhere in the world, we require that a retainer, estimated travel and related out-of-pocket expenses be wired to our account prior to embarking. In addition, we require that clients provide a percentage of the fee prior to the engagement and the balance at the time of the deliverables or as determined.

If possible, we like to plan our projects far enough in advance so that we might obtain the most reasonable airfare, facilitate wire transfers and arrange for visas. We are travel agents and, at times with planning, are able to obtain more favorable rates. But this cannot be guaranteed. When possible, we attempt to combine trips to provide greatest value and cost savings for clients.

At all times, we consider the costs to our clients and our clients' Return on Investment (R.O.I.).

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