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Our Mission


                       ... to Change the World !

Hospital Feasibility Study Making the world a better place by combining top global resources. Offering the vision, knowledge, understanding, and sensitivity necessary to achieve intended goals. Bringing multi-business, multi-cultural, and multi-lingual individuals and corporations to clients. Providing hands-on leadership, management and consulting that is demanded by each individual project. Returning our talents, rewards and gifts to the world.

Company Philosophy

International Health Management, LLC is a virtual corporation. IHM embodies the experience, spirit, and style of its founder, Cliff Christiansen. Based on the concept that "we cannot give what we do not have," Christiansen assembles and utilizes the best people and resources from around the world that are appropriate to a project.

With over 30 years of domestic and international work, Christiansen’s personal knowledge of companies and individuals, worldwide, permits IHM to multiply its capacity many, many times over.

Christiansen is personally involved in every project and International Health Management, LLC is selective of the clients with whom it works.

A mutual understanding of the goals to be achieved and a relationship of trust and honesty are primary.

Company Profile

 International Health Management, LLC:

  • Enthusiastically participates in this global market, bringing rich experiences from Asia, the Mediterranean, Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North and South America.
  • Is attentive to the ways of doing business in cultures as varied as The United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Egypt, the Ukraine, Zambia, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, Kuwait, Russia, Palestine, Brazil and Iraq.

  • IHM utilizes an internal and worldwide network of resources to offer system analyses and design, revenue enhancement, privatization, reorganization, quality improvement, recruiting, management and facility planning and construction.

  • Has established a client group of investment banks, private investors, governments, hospitals, physicians, insurance companies and others in acute and specialty care, rehabilitation, psychiatry, addiction and human/social service development.

  • Performs market analyses, develops business plans and successfully completes financial turnarounds, in addition to commissionings, startups, and ongoing management. 

  • IHM will help develop corporate missions and strategic plans, and collaborate with our clients in their dymanic implementation. International Health Management, LLC also offers services related to information systems, quality assurance, and staff productivity enhancement.

  • Is particularly adept at new business development and expansion. We welcome challenging and complex opportunities!

  • Offers participatory leadership, consultation and mentoring that inspires excellence.

    International Health Management, LLC is a member of the American Association of Healthcare Consultants.

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