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International Experience

Following is a part of the Cumulative Experience of our People

Health Care Consultants

Worldwide (30 Countries)

· Washington, DC, Advisor to the International Finance Corporation study to identify 30 countries with the greatest potential for private healthcare businesses. Identified investors, facilities, insurance companies, banks, other corporations, physicians who are pursuing hospital-related developments; micro economic, social and system-based study with opportunities. Part of team that developed the business plan, investment criteria for the World Bank and their private sector corporation, The International Finance Corporation


· Instituted post earthquake rehab center; started and managed a number of clinics and referral systems.


· Review of a private hospital before transfer of ownership with clinical and management improvement recommendations.

Continental Hospital

· New partially constructed 300+ bed medical center. Provided an analysis and appraisal; sourced world wide for equity managing partners. Achieved 30 million dollar financing package from Investment Bank


· Project Director for the analysis, restructuring and privatization of the Country’s only Tertiary and Referral Medsurg Hospital. Led administrative, clinical, financial, human resources and health information consultants in the analysis and restructuring for a turnaround and establishing clinical and management systems.


Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogotá, Bogota

· A 250 bed hospital remodeling.

· Feasibility study securing peso loans and dollar loans from the Import/Export Bank and Morgan Guarantee; monitoring of construction, commissioning and management supervision for a 6-month startup.

Fundacion Valle de Cauca, Cali

· Feasibility study for a 125 bed hospital.

Costa Rica

Saguaros Social, San Jose

· Established new criteria to evaluate pharmaceutical products and development of a medical supply management system for pre-qualifying vendors for fixed periods.


Chemonics International, Washington, DC

· Developed consortium to bid on Egypt Cost Recovery Program and The Palestine Health Systems Project for this international finance, agribusiness, natural resources, environment, commodities and health firm with offices in 80 countries.

Contrack International, Inc. and Orascom of America, Arlington, Virginia

· International construction, information systems, manufacturing and tourism company. Requested to provide project management for information systems.


National Emergency Services, International, Tiburon, CA

· Private $120 million company with 350 clients, 250 employees and 3,000 physicians. Staffed trauma centers, clinics, and U.S. military facilities worldwide.

· Developed strategic plan, company reorganization, diversification, expanded markets.

· Created domestic and international business plans and corporate marketing.

France and Switzerland

Aga Khan Health Services/Foundation, Paris and Geneva

· The Aga Khan Health Services/Foundation is one of the largest private healthcare networks in the developing world.

· International Healthcare Service and Network Development with hospitals in South Asia and East Africa, including a medical school, university hospital, nursing schools, maternity homes, primary health clinics and over 200 medical/healthcare centers in six countries.

The Aga Khan Health Services, Aiglemont, France

· A three year consultancy to develop, implement and manage a system wide purchasing, warehousing and distribution service spanning four developing countries.

India - Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Bombay

· Four assignments conducted over a seven year period ranging from the re-engineering of the facility and achieving an operational break-even; a facility upgrading plan integrating hospital based services into a preventive health program.


· Designed and managed clinical and support services for UNICEF; primary care in 58 health centers and 18 hospitals in post war Iraq.

· Designed post war disaster plans and programs.


Prince Llamza Hospital, Amman

· Assisted the Ministry of Health in the campus planning, programming and functional planning of a medical complex consisting of a 500 bed teaching hospital, nursing school, allied health sciences and residence facilities. 

Queen Alia Hospital, Amman

· Assisted the Jordan Medical Corporation in the preparation of a feasibility study for a privately owned acute hospital facility.

· Functional programming and planning, equipment planning and project administration for the 150 bed hospital.

Kazakhstan • Kyrgyzstan • Uzbekistan • Syria • Turkmenistan
Moldova • Philippines • Indonesia

· Working closely with Ministries of Health develop health/hospital strategic planning, board management family medicine, group practice development, standards, licensing accreditation, rationalization and restructuring, cost reduction, revolving drug funds, financial, information and management systems.

· Developed revenue enhancements, managed care, capitation and case-based payment systems, national and local health insurance funds and a variety of health/hospital financing schemes in both the public and private sectors as well as providing technical assistance with the evolution and privatization of public hospitals and health facilities.

· Provided assistance to other international and domestic health consulting firms, hospitals, physician group practices, commercial businesses, USAID, ADB, The World Bank, etc.


The Aga Khan Hospital, Mombassa

· Extended over a four year period, encompassing pre-feasibility and feasibility studies to determine hospital expansion; provided functional space and equipment planning.


Major Private Kuwaiti Company

· Project review. Assistance in developing specifications and negotiation for hospital management contract with a US corporation.


· Disaster relief.

· Managed 11 health centers and mobile health clinics for curative and preventative health.

· Nurse training programs for primary health. Administered post graduate courses for midwives from Africa and Middle East.


Hillside Medical Center, Port Louis

· The financial feasibility for a new 25 bed private hospital on the outskirts of Port Louis. The Africa Enterprise Fund of the World Bank was project sponsor


The Agar Khan University Hospital, Karachi

· Specific clinical service consultancy covering a lithotripter and a cardiovascular-vascular surgical program with additional planning for an expanded renal service.


· Review of Hospitals, the management needs within the public health sector and recommendations for improvement.


The Sverdlorak region.

· Maternal and child health and visiting nurses technical support and administrative work in Moscow

Brim Healthcare, Inc., Portland, Oregon

· Market analysis and business plan for a western health clinic in Moscow for this privately owned, diversified hospital management corporation.

Samara Medical University & City of Samara

· One of only three medical universities in Russia.

· Reviewed health care management curriculum and consulted on managed care/insurance options.

Soviet Academy of Sciences

· Reviewed a variety of actual and intellectual products for manufacture and sale.

Spangiocor, Ltd., Novosibirsk, Siberia

· Reviewed city wide medical services and provided medical equipment planning, acquisition and consultation services for a private 150 bed hospital and clinic.

Partner, The Russian - American Center for Health and Beauty, Veliky Novgorod

· A private corporation in partnership with my wife who is a neurologist. Provide cosmetic laser, other skin and body treatments; pain management utilizing acupuncture, physical therapy, massage, etc.

· Business planning for two clinics in Novgorod

· Reviewed their clinical services, finances, etc. and offered recommendations

· Lectured on “Free Enterprise and Human resource Management and Incentives” at Moscow University, Novosibirsk

Saudi Arabia

Al-Amal Hospital, Jeddah (GAMA, Ltd. / Charter Medical)

· Commissioned and managed 280 bed addiction hospital.

· Development of Saudi Arabia's first addiction treatment system.

· Recruited multinational staff of 600.

· Trained Egyptian psychiatrists and others.

· Worked with Ministries of Interior and Health in politically sensitive areas.

ARAMCO, Dhahran

· Preparation of master site plans for the development of ARAMCO Medical Services and facilities to serve the employees and dependents located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. This included utilization and financial projections into the future.

King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah

· Campus and facilities planning for the health sciences of King Abdulaziz University.

· Included master planning of the School of Medicine and Allied Health Campus and the subsequent programming and functional design of the Faculties of Medicine, Dentistry, and Allied Health Services for this 800 bed hospital and associated clinics.

National Guard Hospital, Riyadh

· Preparation of programs, staffing plans, specifications and tender documents for the contract management and the operation of this 400 bed King Fahad National Guard Hospital.

National Guard Hospital, Jeddah

· Involved in contract management negotiations.

· Chief financial services for the hospital management company, provided planning and fiscal oversight for this 400 bed tertiary care hospital.

National Guard Hospital, Riyadh

· Chief Financial Services for the hospital management company provided planning and fiscal oversight for this 600 bed tertiary care hospital.

Security Forces Hospital, Riyadh

· Involved in contract management negotiations.

· Chief Financial Services for the hospital management company provided planning and fiscal oversight for this 500 bed tertiary care hospital.

The Erfan & Bagedo Hospitals, Jeddah

· Top for-profit tertiary 200 bed hospital and clinic with 1,000 outpatient visits per day. Medical service contracts with 300 foreign and Saudi corporations, 900+ employees and multimillion dollar revenue base.

· First western management; analyzed organization and systems; instituted management training.

· Reviewed and modified accounting and information systems.

· Recruited staff; major remodeling.

The King Khalad Eye Specialist Hospital, Riyadh

· Involved in contract management negotiations and chief financial services for the hospital management company; provided planning and fiscal oversight for this 248 bed internationally known specialty hospital.

· Expert witness for a major United States domestic and international law firm. Have gathered hospital management and clinical information, provided recommendations to assist in defense preparation for their client in a multi-million dollar lawsuit.


The Aga Khan Hospital, Dar es Salaam

· A series of assignments including hands-on assistance in implementing a central purchasing program in a hostile local environment.

· Examined the feasibility of expanding the hospital on its existing site.

The Ukraine

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Facilities International

· Provided cost effectiveness, quality analyses, and improvement plans for three hospitals in the Ukraine and the Odessa Oblast Health Authority.


International Medical Systems, Las Vegas, Nevada

· Developed business partners and proposal for an "offset" company (medical equipment refurbishing plant for the Mediterranean and Eastern Europe) for a U.S. Aerospace Corporation and the Turkish Air Force.

United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi

· Project Director for terminating management contracts for restructuring of the Emirates Military Healthcare System after International Medical Corporation, Inc. completed contract audits and the termination of a management contract with an American company for “cause”. Partial dismantling of an expensive and poorly developed contract involving United States' and other multi country medical centers and corporations. Plan for redesign.

United Kingdom

Lancastria House International, Ltd., Washington, DC

· Advisor to knowledge and technical transfer company with projects involving medical equipment, software and systems engineering.


The Clinical Metropolitana, Caracus

· Market survey to determine demand for a new 200 bed private hospital in central Caracus.

· Financial projections including capital costs, architectural coordination, and assistance in securing project financing.


· A number of public and private health care planning and development projects. A country wide study for an investment bank to determine private care business opportunities.

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