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About the President 

Cliff Christiansen, MS, LCSW, NHA, Fellow-Elect ACHE

In his 30 years as an executive, therapist, and consultant in health care leadership, treatment, system design, management, quality improvement, and marketing, Cliff Christiansen has analyzed, started, reorganized and led a variety of health care facilities and related businesses. He particularly works with for-profit corporations, governments, and other entities that wish to adopt a for-profit, cost effective model. As a CEO, Christiansen has individually applied his financial, organizational, marketing and leadership abilities to 12 hospital startups and financial turnarounds.

, at home in diverse cultures, has lived in Europe, Eastern Europe, Central America and the Middle East, as well as consulted in India, Turkey, Egypt, Palestine, Russia, Bangladesh, Kuwait, the Ukraine, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Bahrain, Belize, the United States and elsewhere. In Saudi Arabia, he was the first western CEO in a top private tertiary Medical Center. He also commissioned and led a 280 bed addiction hospital and the first kingdom-wide addiction treatment and prevention system in Saudi Arabia. His 1980's work in Russia and Asia precedes work performed by other companies.
Health Care Consultants
Cliff Christiansen

Christiansen has evaluated and made recommendations to an international investment bank on the financing of a 500 bed medical centre; provided a review of a number of international hospital management corporations; conducted qualitative analyses of hospitals in the Ukraine; served as an advisor to an investment bank's worldwide study of private healthcare investment opportunities and models in 30 countries; reviewed projects in Kuwait and Yemen; worked with Native American Indian Hospitals; negotiated with international hospital corporations to partner, complete construction and manage a medical centre in Asia; reviewed public hospital management needs in Palestine.

In the United States, Christiansen has led and consulted to numerous health care entities, including acute care, rehabilitation, ambulatory services, nursing home, home care, psychiatry and addiction in addition to social service systems.

Christiansen is a hands-on executive. With his knowledge of finance and experience in individual and organizational behavior change, Christiansen brings a unique perspective, which allows him to lead and inspire on the conceptual as well as the management level. He is also a licensed nursing home administrator and a licensed psychotherapist. His enthusiasm, vision, grasp of detail and cultural sensitivity allow him to successfully apply his skills and ideas worldwide.

He is a Fellow-Elect of the American College of Healthcare Executives and a member of the American Association of Healthcare Consultants. He holds a Masters Degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, with additional extensive studies and teaching.

His knowledge, candor, ethics and results are respected throughout the industry.

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